About Us

Last year while working on another product, we were doing customer interviews on Zoom. We were recording all these meetings, but then what? It was simply too painful to go back and rewatch those one hour long videos to get to that one point that we wanted to share or remember. That was the genesis of Listener. We set out to design a tool that will help you make the most out of your video calls, be it to bring the voice of your customers to your teams or to remember who said what. With Listener, you can capture and bookmark the important moments of your Zoom meetings and turn long recordings into short video clips.

Meet the team

We are a small team of tech enthusiasts, building tools that truly meets our users needs, while having lots of fun at it. We are working remotely at the moment but can’t wait to get back together at our wonderful office space.

  • nishith1.png
    Nishith Shah
    CEO & Co-Founder

  • Deepa.png
    Deepa Shah

  • Sakti 1.png
    Sakti Chourasia
    Principal Software Engineer

  • Abhishek 1.png
    Abhishek Shakya
    Full Stack Engineer

  • Rucha Joshi.png
    Rucha Joshi
    User Experience Designer

Life at Listener

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