Make the most out of your video calls

Bookmark important moments of your Zoom calls in real time and easily turn long recordings into bite-sized video clips.

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Listen. Highlight. Share. Present.

  • Listen

    Be it customer discovery interviews, user testing sessions, sales calls or customer feedback calls, Listener is your go-to tool whenever you are in an active listening mode on your Zoom calls.

  • Highlight

    With live bookmarking you can capture short video highlights of your Zoom call. Editing these video highlights is as easy as selecting the transcribed text.

  • Share

    Help your teams hear it directly from the customers in their own words. Share the bite-sized video highlights with your teams wherever they are- on Slack, Notion, emails or just about anywhere.

  • Present

    Create playlists of short video clips from across different meetings to tell compelling stories on different topics. Present it to your team, your investors or your board.


Make Listener your superpower!

Remember who said what

With searchable time-stamped transcripts, you can now remember everything. You now have the power of infinite memory.

Bring the voice of your customers to your team

Share short video clips with your team to help them relive the aha moments and feel the customers’ emotions without them actually being present on the customer calls.

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