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Works only with licensed Zoom accounts

    • Usage
    • Included editor accountsThese are users who can host and record meetings on Listener. They can create and edit video highlights and playlists.


    • Included viewer accountsAny number of members from your organisation can sign on to Listener with view only access.


    • Total recorded meetings/month


    • Projects


    • Essentials
    • Zoom integrationWorks with licensed Zoom accounts.

    • Real time highlights + notesCreate meeting highlights as video snippets from Zoom meetings. They can be created either during an ongoing Zoom meeting or from the meeting transcript generated by Listener.

    • Editable transcripts

    • PlaylistsCreate a playlist as a collection of highlights from various meetings.

    • Team collaboration

    • Publicly shareable links

    • Video downloads

    • Meeting access permissions

    • Support
    • Onboarding call

    • Live chat

    • Knowledge base

    • Email support

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